Camp Guide – NW Washington (St. Albans & NCS)

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What to Bring

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All Programs

  • Lunch and Snack (Full-Day campers only)
    • Pack in a small lunch box with plastic/disposable utensils and napkins
    • Lunch boxes will be kept indoors in a cool place but will not be refrigerated – please include a cold pack
    • Junior Day Camp and Day Camp (all locations) will have morning snack provided, please just pack a lunch
      • Snack – Squeaky Pops Popped Chickpea Chips, which are non-GMO, gluten-free, kosher, and school-safe, made without tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy, eggs, fish and shellfish, and not produced on shared equipment
  • Towel
  • Goggles
    • Recommended but not mandatory
  • Swimsuit for pool or waterplay
    • To maximize swim time, our youngest campers should arrive already wearing their swimsuit under their clothing
    • Pack a change of clothes for after swim time
  • Sunscreen
    • Apply sunscreen before arrival at camp
    • Pack sunscreen in a labeled Ziploc bag for reapplication throughout the day
    • Sunscreen will be kept at camp throughout the week and returned home on Friday
  • Water Bottle
    • Water coolers are available throughout the day for refills
  • Sneakers or closed-back shoes
    • No flip flops or sandals

Please leave cell phones, iPads, gaming devices, other electronic devices, trading cards, toys and stuffed animals, sports equipment and irreplaceable items at home.

Junior Day Camp

  • A change of clothes in case of accidents/spills (All campers in our Junior Day Camp program are expected to be potty trained and able to use the restroom with minimal assistance).

Soccer Camp

  • If your camper wears cleats, please pack a pair of tennis shoes as well, in case programming has to move indoors for any reason

Carpool and Authorized Drivers

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Arrival & Dismissal

A Campus Map is available for download with instructions for where to drop-off and pick-up your camper. Please review this map of our three carpool zones and locate your campus entry point and zone using the “Program Key” below the map. Then, when you arrive, just follow the blue shirts and smiling faces of Headfirst counselors to your drop-off point.

To help us keep the line moving, be sure to place a completed carpool Pick-up Placard on the passenger side of your dashboard during afternoon pick-up, and ensure that all pick-up people are listed as Authorized Drivers. To print a placard or add authorized drivers to your account, please go to the “Forms” section of your parent dashboard account.

Without this Pick-up Placard or proper Authorized Driver status, our staff will be required to go through our pick-up authorization process, which will add wait time to your pick-up experience.

In the interest of camper safety and maintaining an efficient carpool process, we ask that camp families stay in the car while in the carpool lane. If you feel that you must park and walk your child up to check-in, please park in designated parking spots only.

Carpool Times on the St. Albans & National Cathedral School Campuses

Please take a look at the campus map to see which carpool zone you should use based on the programs in which your campers are enrolled. If you have multiple campers enrolled in programs with different drop-off and pick-up locations, please drop off and pick up all of your campers at Zone A. Please note that drop-off and pick-up times vary by zone.

Are you walking your camper to camp? Look for the designated “Walkup Check In” sign and our Headfirst Counselors who will greet parents/guardians on foot. Please note: You will need a completed Pick-up Placard or a photo ID to pick up your camper, even if you are walking.

*Bus Service: We offer bus service to and from St. Albans & NCS each day Union Market (1309 5th St. NE) and Mid-City (13th & S Streets NW). Learn more about our Bus Service


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Lunch at Camp

We do not have a fridge on-site for our campers to store their lunch boxes or a microwave on-site for our campers to heat up their lunch. Lunches will be stored indoors during the camp day, but may be outside briefly during morning carpool. Therefore, if you are sending your camper with food that needs to be kept at a cooler temperature, we ask that you include an ice pack in your camper’s lunch box. We also ask that you do not send your camper with any lunch items that require reheating.

Also, please include any utensils or other items your camper may need to eat their lunch, as we do not supply utensils.

Smart Lunches

If you’re looking for a convenient alternative to packing a lunch for your camper, we partner with Smart Lunches– a program that delivers campers hot, healthy lunches prepared fresh and locally each day. Smart Lunches can be purchased online by the day or week, and all orders must be completed at least two business days in advance. You can register for Smart Lunches through their registration portal.

Medication and Health Forms

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Health Forms

All Camper Health Forms can be completed electronically! You can access this form through the Parent Dashboard and then:

  • Select the “Forms” tab at the top of the page
  • Click the form named “Health Forms”
  • Fill out that form through the portal. Please note: no documents need to be provided or uploaded for this form.
  • Click “Submit” to finish the form
  • If you have multiple campers registered, repeat the above for each with their respective health forms

Medication Administration and Authorization



Please follow the instructions below carefully. If you have any questions, contact us at (202) 625-1921 or customercare@headfirstcamps.com.


If your child is bringing medication to camp, please follow these instructions so we may ensure your child’s safety at all times at our camps.

    1. Clearly mark the medication with your child’s first and last name.
    2. Complete and print out the Medication Administration and Authorization form in the Parent Dashboard (instructions below).
    3. Place both of the above into a one-gallon zip lock bag. Seal the bag.
    4. With a permanent marker, please neatly write your child’s first and last name on the outside of the bag.

Upon your arrival at camp on Monday, hand the bag – with both the medication and completed form inside – to the person who greets you at your car or check-in table. We will then walk your child directly to the camp Safety Coordinator.

    1. If your camper’s medication must be with them at all times (e.g., an EpiPen or inhaler), the Safety Coordinator will place it in an Emergency Fanny Pack and give it to their counselor, who will wear it on his/her person at all times. If your camper changes groups or transfers into another activity that is supervised by another counselor, the medication will be transferred to the counselor supervising your camper and his/her group. The Safety Coordinator will also provide your child with a temporary red bracelet (this will happen each morning at check-in). We will mark the bracelet with your child’s name on it so his or her identity can be matched to the medication for the duration of the camp day.
    2. If your camper’s medication does not need to be with them throughout the entire day, the medication will remain with our Safety Coordinator so s/he may supervise the medication administration at the appropriate time(s) of day.


Important Notes:

  1. The Headfirst Companies will supervise medical administration but will not administer medication directly, with the exception of campers who bring their own EpiPen and are suffering from anaphylaxis, and campers who bring their own inhaler and are suffering from an asthma exacerbation.
  2. All medication will be returned at the end of each week. If your camper is attending multiple weeks, please bring the medication bag (including the form) each Monday.
  3. If you believe your camper’s medical condition requires additional consideration beyond what was previously outlined, please contact us directly so we may discuss the establishment of a tailored medical management plan.

To complete the “Medication Administration & Authorization” form:

  • In the Parent Dashboard, select the “Forms” tab
  • Click on your camper’s name, and then select the form named “Medication Administration & Authorization”
  • Click on the “Download the blank Medication Administration & Authorization form” link
  • Print and complete the document
  • Scan and upload the document by following the same uploading steps (in the Health Forms section), and selecting the “Browse…” button to select completed and scanned copy to upload
  • Include the copy you printed out in your camper’s zip lock bag with his/her medicine

Extended Day

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AM and PM Extended Day

Whether you need extended care Monday through Friday, or you simply realize one day at 2pm that you won’t be able to make it to campus by 3pm – no problem! Just give us a call. Campers can be dropped off as early as 7:30am and picked up any time before 6pm. And since the kids in our Extended Day enjoy a variety of activities, including sports, crafts, and board games, they’ll come home happy (and tired!).

To enroll, just add the Extended Day option during the through the Parent Dashboard or over the phone.

Available by the day and by the week. Discounted 30% when purchased by the week.

  • AM Extended Day Tuition: $80/week, $25/day
  • PM Extended Day Tuition: $140/week, $40/day


Time Activity
7:30 a.m.–9:00 a.m Story time, Arts & Crafts, Snack
2:45 p.m.–3:30 p.m Transition & Snack
3:30 p.m.–4:30 p.m. First Activity
4:30 p.m.–5:30 p.m. Second Activity
5:30 p.m.–6:00 p.m. Wind Down Time

*Specific activities vary by age and location

Dress Up Day

On Wednesday of each week, we invite campers to participate in a themed Dress-up Day to encourage team spirit and allow campers to express their creativity.

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2019 Themes by Week

Week Theme
Week 1 (June 10th – 14th) DMV Sports Day (Wear red!)
Week 2 (June 17th – 21st) Neon Day
Week 3 (June 24th – 28th) Hero/Role Model Day
Week 4 (July 1st – 3rd) Patriotic Day
Week 5 (July 8th – 12th) Tie-Dye Day
Week 6 (July 15th – 19th DIPG Awareness Day (Wear yellow!)
Week 7 (July 22nd – 26th) Mismatch/Wacky Tacky Day
Week 8 (July 29th – August 2nd) Favorite Sports Team Day
Week 9 (August 5th – 9th) Crazy Socks Day
Week 10 (August 12th – 16th) End of Summer Blues (Wear blue!)

Life-Threatening Food Allergies

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Allergy Free Table

For camper safety, Headfirst Summer Camps provides a table during lunch and/or snack that is free from both peanuts and tree nuts, which we call the Allergy-Free Table. If you indicated during the registration process that your camper has a life-threatening food allergy, we request that you complete the Allergy-Free Table Waiver, to indicate whether or not you wish for your child to sit at this table during lunch/snack.

To complete the waiver, please do the following:

  • In the Parent Dashboard, select the Forms tab. Click on your camper’s name, and then select the Allergy-Free Table Waiver form. Read the instructional text and questions, and select either Yes or No at the bottom of the page.
    • By selecting Yes, you agree that your child will sit at the Allergy-Free Table with other children and counselors who experience similar food allergies. You also agree that your child will bring a lunch and/or snack that is free from peanuts and tree nuts.
    • By selecting No, you agree that even though your child has a peanut, tree nut, or other food allergy, and may be seated with campers whose lunch and/or snack may contain these common food allergens, you do not feel it is necessary for your child to sit at the Allergy-Free Table.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Offerings by Week

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Week 1 (June 10th - June 14th)

  • Multi-Sport (rising K-7th Graders)

Week 2 (June 17th - June 21st)

  • Junior Day Camp (rising pre-K & younger)
      • Through a series fun and interactive art and STEM projects, campers will examine how the human body is made up of incredible systems designed to help us bounce back, both mentally and physically, from all kinds of setbacks.
  • Day Camp (rising K & 1st)
      • With projects such as model “lungs,” creating do-it-yourself stethoscopes, making life-size human body tracings and testing reflexes, there’s something for every BODY at this camp.
  • Multi-Sport (rising K-7th)
  • STEM II/III (rising 2nd-5th)
      • Led by trained Play-Well instructors, campers will be guided through daily activities and challenges incorporating physics, engineering and architecture based on Minecraft.
  • Innovators, Inc. (rising 2nd & 3rd)
      • Come spend a week in our state-of-the-art superhero academy where you’ll research the science behind superpowers and design and craft your own superhero identity.
      • Field Trip: The International Spy Museum

Week 3 (June 24th - June 28th)

  • Junior Day Camp (rising pre-k & younger)
      • As super villains infiltrate our camp, our campers must dig deep within themselves to find their own unique talents and strengths, then work together to save Headfirstopolis.
  • Day Camp (rising K & 1st)
      • This camp focuses on more than just traditional well-known superheroes – it touches on the importance of civic duty and community engagement. Through projects, story immersion and group activities, our campers will be ready to take their own super talents “up, up, and away” to save the day!
  • Multi-Sport (rising K-7th)
  • Soccer (rising K-5th)
  • STEM I/II (rising K-3rd)
    • H2WHOA!
      • From tide patterns to ocean zones to marine biology, campers will dive deep into bodies of water around the globe. We’ll investigate the many uses of H2O, experiment with oil spill restoration, engineer water slides and test how arctic animals stay warm.
  • STEM III (rising 4th & 5th)
      • Covering the basics of broadcast journalism, campers will work with iMovie and a green screen, and work in teams to write, deliver and film their own news programs.
  • Innovators, Inc. (rising 2nd & 3rd)
      • While helping a fictional restaurant owner revamp his menu, campers will have the opportunity to test recipes, conduct nutritional experiments, design menus and run their own restaurant while acting in the roles of maître d, waiters, chefs, menu curators and patrons.
      • Expert Workshop: Cooking Workshop with Tiny Chefs™

Week 4 (July 1st - July 3rd)

  • Junior Day Camp (rising pre-k & younger)
      • Headfirst’s mascot, Gomer, has decided he wants to celebrate July 4th … in California! Campers will have to learn about our country’s geography, famous monuments and sights, and the importance of backwards planning to make this virtual road trip a reality.
  • Day Camp (rising K & 1st)
      • Headfirst is taking a virtual road trip across the USA. Campers will be learning about famous sights and regions, incorporating both art and STEM projects, as well as using compasses and making maps.
  • Multi-Sport (rising K-7th)
  • Soccer (rising K-5th)
  • STEM II/III (rising 2nd-5th)
      • Led by trained Play-Well instructors, campers will be guided through daily activities and challenges incorporating physics, engineering and architecture based on Harry Potter.
  • Innovators, Inc. (rising 2nd & 3rd)
      • This camp celebrates all things Australia, from learning about native animals and plants, to Aboriginal history, to famous landmarks.
      • Field Trip: Smithsonian National Zoo

Week 5 (July 8th - July 12th)

  • Basketball (rising 2nd-7th)
  • Junior Day Camp (rising pre-k & younger)
      • Campers will create a structure to help provide shade for Headfirst’s beloved mascot, Gomer. They’ll have to work together, using real tools and materials, through all stages of building, including visualizing, planning and creating their structure.
  • Day Camp (rising K & 1st)
      • With a focus on architecture, engineering and problem solving, campers will practice their building skills by constructing marble runs and bridges, as well as create do-it-yourself bulldozers, all to prepare for the week’s final challenge.
  • Multi-Sport (rising K-7th)
  • Soccer (rising K-5th)
  • STEM I (rising K & 1st)
      • Campers will giggle their way through this spooky week as they brew potions, craft their own monsters and levitate ghosts with static electricity.
  • STEM II (rising 2nd & 3rd)
      • Campers will learn important coding concepts such as sequences, variables and conditionals, as well as programming skills to make widgets jump, all within the fun and accessible world of video game design.
  • STEM III (rising 4th-5th)
      • Using the Electric Motors Catalyst kit from Tinkering Labs™, campers will create multiple projects showcasing the power of the electric motor.
  • Innovators, Inc. (rising 2nd & 3rd)
      • Campers will enjoy a combination of theater and history while learning actual choreography from the musical, taking lessons in stage combat, engaging in water pistol duels and singing their hearts out during our karaoke party.
      • Expert Workshop: Hip-hop and kid-friendly stage combat with Roundhouse Theatre

Week 6 (July 15th - July 19th)

  • Basketball (rising 2nd-7th)
  • Junior Day Camp (rising pre-k & younger)
      • Campers will enjoy a snow-filled week as they help an Emperor Penguin traverse the Arctic Circle to relocate his colony. They’ll learn about life in the north pole, find a safe location where the penguin’s colony can thrive and help him navigate back home.
  • Day Camp (rising K & 1st)
      • Combining conservation, zoology, environmental science and ecology, this week will look at the Arctic through a scientific lens, giving campers the opportunity to learn about one of our planet’s most ecologically vulnerable regions.
  • Multi-Sport (rising K-7th)
  • Soccer (rising K-5th)
  • STEM I (rising K & 1st)
      • Using ScratchJr software, campers will learn the fundamentals of block-based programming and create their own interactive stories.
  • STEM II/III (rising 2nd-5th)
      • This visual learning platform is ‘learn-by-doing’ and will challenge campers to tinker and toggle their way through engaging projects.
  • Innovators, Inc. (rising 2nd & 3rd)
      • Campers will be zooming through history this week! We’ll construct the Eiffel Tower with the French, invent paper with the Chinese, engineer catapults with the Vikings and test column strength with the Greeks.
      • Field Trip: The Ballad of Mu Lan at Imagination Stage

Week 7 (July 22nd - July 26th)

  • Basketball (rising 2nd-7th)
  • Junior Day Camp (rising pre-k & younger)
      • Our campers will be island-hopping to learn as much as they can about the Polynesian region, including the flora, fauna and wildlife that make it so unique.
  • Day Camp (rising K & 1st)
      • Campers will explore Polynesia this week, tackling projects such as watercolor volcanic blow art, boat building, study of the rock cycle and how to properly use a compass.
  • Multi-Sport (rising K-7th)
  • Soccer (rising K-5th)
  • STEM I (rising K & 1st)
      • A missing diamond. A mysterious note. A glass of spilled milk. To find out whodunit, campers must sift through clues, solve puzzles and unravel mysteries.
  • STEM II/III (rising 2nd-5th)
      • This week will feature interactive activities and experiments, such as building mini-greenhouses, creating natural cleaners and making our own water filtration systems.
  • Innovators, Inc. (rising 2nd & 3rd)
      • The Headfirst Global Games will incorporate silly competitions, Olympic-themed projects and Ancient Greek culture into one spectacular showdown.
      • Anticipated Field Trip: Ocean Dunes Waterpark

Week 8 (July 29th - August 2nd)

  • Basketball (rising 2nd-7th)
  • Junior Day Camp (rising pre-k & younger)
      • As things go missing around various Headfirst sites, our campers are called to investigate! From missing Icees to lost wristbands, something or someone is “borrowing” from our site – but who could it be?
  • Day Camp (rising K & 1st)
      • This week’s mix of zoology, ecology and wildlife habitat study will keep even the most exotic animal lovers satisfied.
  • Multi-Sport (rising K-7th)
  • Soccer (rising K-5th)
  • STEM I (rising K & 1st)
      • Campers will create their own interactive games and learn the fundamentals of block-based programming by working with ScratchJr software.
  • STEM II (rising 2nd & 3rd)
      • Using Wonder Workshop’s Dot and Dash combo and Sphero SPRK, campers will use digital programming language to bring robots to life.
  • STEM III (rising 4th-5th)
      • During our Edventures™ Claymation week, campers will collaborate on a storyboard, bring clay characters to life and film and edit an original stop-motion animation movie.
  • Innovators, Inc. (rising 2nd & 3rd)
      • Calling all future urban planners! The mayor and citizens of Sloppytropolis need our campers’ help redesigning their city to be more accessible, functional and eco-friendly.
      • Field Trip: Zavazone Indoor Adventure Park

Week 9 (August 5th - August 9th)

  • Junior Day Camp (rising pre-k & younger)
      • When a deep-sea dweller washes ashore in the Headfirst Tidal Pool, it’ll be up to our campers to think beyond the usual specimens and dive deep into the unexplored parts of the ocean.
  • Day Camp (rising K & 1st)
      • Join us for a week that combines oceanography, marine biology and some coastal geography, into one spectacular deep dive into the sea.
  • Multi-Sport (rising K-7th)
  • Soccer (rising K-5th)
  • STEM I (rising K & 1st)
      • Using Wonder Workshop’s Dot and Dash combo and Sphero SPRK, campers will use digital programming language to bring robots to life.
  • STEM II/III (rising 2nd-5th)
      • Don’t miss this invention-themed week, where campers will create a blueprint, build a prototype and pitch their own invention to fix a problem or help a community.
  • Innovators, Inc. (rising 2nd & 3rd)
      • Campers will explore techniques in Music, Dance, Singing, Acting, Magic, Comedy and Juggling, all while working together to put on a truly special production.
      • Field Trip: Madame Tussauds

Week 10 (August 12th - August 16th)

  • Jr Multi-Sport (rising pre-k & younger)
  • Multi-Sport (rising K-7th)
  • Soccer (rising K-5th)
  • STEM III (rising 4th & 5th)
      • Campers will be led through an array of scaffolded circuitry projects involving strobe lights, spinners, LED fibers, music players and even a glowing egg.

Bus Information

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Union Market Bus

Union Market Bus Schedule to St. Albans/NCS

All Authorized Drivers will be given a unique Attendance PIN, which can be found on the Parent Dashboard. Pick-up placards will not be used for Bus pick-up.

Parent Drop-Off:

  • Please ensure that you have your Attendance PIN with you. This will be used for camper check-in at the bus stop.
  • Drop-off will be at 1309 5th Street NE (adjacent to Union Market).
  • The bus will depart each morning at approximately 8:00am. Please plan to arrive by 7:45am so we can depart on time and minimize morning traffic delays.

Parent Pick-Up:

  • Please ensure that you have your Attendance PIN with you. Be prepared to show a photo ID.
  • Pick-up will be at 1309 5th Street NE (adjacent to Union Market) at approximately 5:45pm, depending on travel time and traffic.

MidCity Bus

MidCity Bus Schedule to St. Albans/NCS

All Authorized Drivers will be given a unique Attendance PIN, which can be found on the Parent Dashboard. Pick-up placards will not be used for Bus pick-up.

Parent Drop-Off:

  • Please ensure that you have your Attendance PIN with you. This will be used for camper check-in at the bus stop.
  • Drop-off will be at 1200 S Street NW (Garrison Elementary School).
  • The bus will depart each morning at approximately 8:35am. Please plan to arrive by 8:20am so we can depart on time and minimize morning traffic delays.

Parent Pick-Up:

  • Please ensure that you have your Attendance PIN with you. Be prepared to show a photo ID.
  • Pick-up will be at 1200 S Street NW (Garrison Elementary School) at approximately 5:15pm, depending on travel time and traffic.