STEM I – Bethesda

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  • Rising K
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  • 8:1

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STEM I – Bethesda


We take Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to the moon and beyond! Our campers launch rockets, design water filtration systems, dust for fingerprints, build roller coasters and robots, and create their own video games with Hopscotch. Each week of camp focuses on a specific topic, which campers explore through various projects and challenges, such as identifying inks and liquids left at a crime scene to find out whodunit in Forensics. All locations enjoy water play and indoor/outdoor games each day, and any experiments that can be done outside will be. After all, it is summer camp.

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Week 5 (July 6 - July 10) Limited Availability $579 iPad Coding: Animation Studio
Week 6 (July 13 - July 17) Limited Availability $539 Unbeelievable Bees and Beautiful Butterflies
Week 7 (July 20 - July 24) Sold Out $539 Space: The Headfirst Frontier
Week 8 (July 27 - July 31) Limited Availability $539 Case Crackers
Week 9 (August 3 - August 7) Limited Availability $539 Caves and Crystals

Weekly Themes

Life in Technicolor

STEM campers shine bright this week in our exploration of radical rainbows, lustrous prisms, and shadow play!  Whether it’s secret mirror messages, creating a human sundial, or glitter rainbow slime that sparks your campers’ curiosity, this hands-on week will illuminate imagination and inspire the next Newton!

iPad Coding: Animation Studio

Back by popular demand: In our iPad coding animation program, campers will utilize the ScratchJr software to create their own unique, interactive stories. ScratchJr was specifically designed as an introductory visual programming language, allowing campers to familiarize themselves with fundamental coding principles through an accessible and easy to understand interface. This course is the perfect introduction to coding for young campers as they learn how to articulate their thoughts and creative ideas through technology.

Unbeelievable Bees and Beautiful Butterflies

What’s all the buzzzzz about local pollinators and insects?  Why do they matter and what can we do to protect them?  During this week’s insect safari, campers experiment, explore, and create projects that celebrate the environmental impact and resilience of butterflies, bees, and all of their whimsically winged-friends!  Campers will even learn the bee-waggle communication dance!  You better beeeelieve this is the best week of STEM yet!

Space: The Headfirst Frontier

3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF…into a universe of adventure during this week of space exploration!  Test rocket prototypes, design your own space suit, and map the sky with culinary constellations and moon models! Headfirst campers know that the sky isn’t the limit…it’s merely the starting line. Campers will SOAR in our out-of-this-world week of STEM!

Case Crackers

A missing diamond. A mysterious note. A glass of spilled milk. Campers must sift through the clues this week as they solve puzzles, unravel mysteries, and catch criminals. Employing real-life techniques, campers will dive deep into the exciting world of forensics. Even Sherlock Holmes would be impressed.

Caves and Crystals

Pack your headlamp and spelunking gear as we head into the deep, dark abyss of Headfirst Caverns!  If you want a camp that really ROCKS…and to differentiate between a stalactite and a stalagmite…Caves and Crystals is the week for you! Get to know the habitat of bats and bears, as well as the canvas for paleolithic communication!  Campers will even make their own rock candy and explore the science of minerology!


This camp includes a daily Water Play session. Water Play is a fun way for campers to cool off in the middle of the day. The water play activity will vary throughout the week, but will always be a fun and active way for campers to cool down from the summer heat.

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