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Day Camp – NW Washington

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  • 9am - 3pm


  • Rising K
  • Rising 1st Graders


  • 8:1

Camp Extras

Day Camp – NW Washington


We believe summer is the perfect time for kids to try new things. And with a mix of art, sports, music, swimming and STEM, this camp has it all! Our days are packed with games and activities designed to encourage kids to expand their comfort zones, embrace their newfound independence and test their limits in a supportive environment. Campers will explore outer space with DIY jetpacks, build functional telescopes, devise their own superpowers and work together to stop a runaway train. We make camp a great experience for parents, too, with our efficient carpool drop off, daily blog updates on camper activities and the best-trained staff in town.

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Week 2 (June 17 - June 21) Good Availability $499 Bodies, Brains and Bouncing Back
Week 3 (June 24 - June 28) Good Availability $499 Heroes For Hire
Week 4 (July 1 - July 3) Good Availability $349 Road Trip USA
Week 5 (July 8 - July 12) Good Availability $499 Under Construction
Week 6 (July 15 - July 19) Good Availability $499 Snowy Scientists
Week 7 (July 22 - July 26) Good Availability $499 Say Aloha to Adventure!
Week 8 (July 29 - August 2) Good Availability $499 City Critters
Week 9 (August 5 - August 9) Good Availability $499 Deep Sea Divers

Weekly Themes

Bodies, Brains and Bouncing Back

Did you know babies have 94 more bones than adults? And that you’re taller in the morning than you are at night? From organs and muscles to joints and reflexes, our bodies are amazing machines. This week will take campers inside the magic and mystery of the human body to learn how its incredible systems are designed to help us bounce back, both mentally and physically, from illness, injury, and everyday wear and tear. With projects such as filtering “kidneys,” creating do-it-yourself stethoscopes, making life-size human body tracings, and testing reflexes, there’s something for every BODY at this camp.

Heroes For Hire

You don’t need to be bitten by a spider or come from Planet Krypton to have the power within to be a positive force in the world! That’s why this camp focuses on more than just the traditional fun and whimsy of well-known superheroes. It also touches on the importance of civic duty and community engagement to help our campers understand that each and every one of us plays an important role in keeping our community safe and thriving. Through projects, story immersion, and group activities, our campers will be ready to take their own super talents “up, up, and away” to save the day!

Road Trip USA

All aboard! Headfirst is taking a virtual road trip across the USA to help campers experience the beauty and scope of our country. We’ll be learning about famous sights and regions, and incorporating art and STEM projects such as painting the spectacular sunsets of the West, making light-up road signs to guide the way, and building wind-powered cars to help us understand forces of motion, as well as using compasses and making maps. This geo-focused week will help our campers feel they’re ready to take on the world – both literally and figuratively!

Under Construction

Welcome to the ultimate building challenge! This week will focus entirely on architecture, engineering, and problem solving. Campers will practice their building skills by constructing marble runs, bridges, and sponge grass houses, as well as create do-it-yourself bulldozers, all to prepare for the week’s final challenge. They’ll have to build a cool-misting system to help keep our Headfirst mascot, Gomer, feeling happy and hydrated in the hot sun. If you thought Iggy Peck’s structures were impressive, just wait until you see what these campers come up with!

Snowy Scientists

Combining conservation, zoology, environmental science, and ecology, this week will look at the Arctic through a scientific lens, giving campers the opportunity to learn about one of our planet’s most ecologically vulnerable regions. Snowflake symmetry printing, igloo building, snowshoe racing and penguin egg incubator challenges are just some of the fun activities campers will enjoy as they discover the importance of caring for the natural world. Your camper will be singing Let it snow in the middle of July!

Say Aloha to Adventure!

Unleash your inner traveler! These campers will be visiting Polynesia this week, an ideal location for exploring Geography, geology and ocean conservation. In fact, our campers will be travelling from island to island advocating for a cleaner environment and tackling projects such as watercolor volcanic blow art, boat building, study of the rock cycle, and how to properly use a compass. Pack your bags for a week of fun, as we say Aloha to the beautiful South Pacific!

City Critters

Who says interesting animals can only be found in the wild? In fact, the DC area boasts some AMAZING city-friendly creatures. This week’s mix of zoology, ecology and wildlife habitat study will keep even the most exotic animal lovers satisfied. Flying squirrels? Opossums? Pill bugs? We’ll be taking a closer look at those and many more. Learning how these critters adapt and exist in a city environment will give campers a new appreciation for all the wildlife excitement that can be found in their own backyards.

Deep Sea Divers

The oceans are full of more than just the usual sharks and fish. The extremes of the ocean –the way down deep and the shallow tide pools¾are home to some fascinating and lesser known creatures. Join us for a week that combines oceanography, marine biology and some coastal geography, into one spectacular deep dive into the sea. Campers will experiment with water pressure, observe a tidal pool, investigate bioluminescence, and create their own deep-sea oxygen tanks. Dive in!

Swim & Waterplay

This camp includes a daily instructional swim with goals that are kid-specific, from jumping into the deep end to side breathing. Your child will be carefully supervised at all times, with a 3:1 child-to-staff ratio in the pool and swim progress reports will be sent home to parents.

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