Junior Day Camp – Full Day – Alexandria

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  • 9am - 3pm


  • Rising Pre-K & Younger


  • 6:1

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Junior Day Camp – Full Day – Alexandria


For many of our Junior Day Campers, we are their first camp experience. So we go above and beyond to make sure both campers and parents feel comfortable – from our friendly carpool drop off, to our daily blog updates and photos, to our highly-trained staff. We work with teachers and child development experts to create a dynamic program that focuses on school readiness, emphasizing fine motor development, following multi-step directions, expanding expressive vocabulary, and promoting persistence, all while offering the best of summer camp! Your child will do everything from arts & crafts to STEM and instructional swim, as well as have the opportunity to make friends and learn skills to increase his or her independence.

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Week 2 (June 17 - June 21) Sold Out $449 Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
Week 3 (June 24 - June 28) Sold Out $449 Superhero Savers
Week 4 (July 1 - July 3) Sold Out $315 Mountains, Monuments and More
Week 5 (July 8 - July 12) Sold Out $449 Budding Builders
Week 6 (July 15 - July 19) Sold Out $449 Arctic Adventure
Week 7 (July 22 - July 26) Sold Out $449 Tahitian Tour
Week 8 (July 29 - August 2) Sold Out $449 Animal Antics

Weekly Themes

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

This week, campers will be learning about one of the most sophisticated and miraculous creations on the planet—our bodies! Through a series fun and interactive art and STEM projects, they’ll examine how the human anatomy is made up of incredible systems designed to help us bounce back, both mentally and physically, from all kinds of setbacks. Campers will love learning how the body they walk around in every day is constantly adapting and growing in order to help them take better care of themselves … from head to toe!

Superhero Savers

For years, two superhero trainers known as “Hope” and “Action” have worked together to protect Headfirstopolis. So when the unthinkable happens and super villains infiltrate our camp and capture Action, our campers must act. They’ll have to dig deep within themselves to find their own unique talents and strengths, then work together to save Headfirstopolis. Along the way, they’ll develop their own superhero identities, complete with costumes and special powers. Will their hard work and optimism be enough to save Action before it’s too late?

Mountains, Monuments and More

Headfirst’s beloved mascot, Gomer, has decided he wants to celebrate July 4th by going to see some fireworks… in California! With over 2,400 miles to cover and just a few days to get there, campers will have to learn about our country’s geography, famous monuments and sights, and the importance of backwards planning to make this virtual road trip a reality. Will the campers get there in time to see the fireworks display, or will they let any little “bump in the road” prevent them from achieving their goal?

Budding Builders

Move over, Iggy Peck Architect! This week, campers will be tasked with creating a structure to help provide shade for Headfirst’s beloved mascot, Gomer. They’ll have to work together, using real tools and materials, through all stages of building, including visualizing, planning and creating their structure. Campers should bring their favorite tool belts and blueprints, along with their most creative thinking, to this exciting architectural challenge!

Arctic Adventure

Campers will enjoy a snow-filled week as they help an Emperor Penguin traverse the Arctic Circle to relocate his colony. They’ll learn about life in the north pole, find a safe location where the penguin’s colony can thrive, and help him navigate back home, despite the fact that some of his landmarks have changed. Along the way, they’ll learn about different types of arctic animals, paint watercolors of the Northern lights, and much more. There’s “snow” place like camp!

Tahitian Tour

There’s a lot of rumbling coming from the South Pacific Ocean! The Polynesian goddess, Pele, is frustrated by the way humans have been treating the Earth, and is erupting in fits of anger, creating a string of volcanoes ravaging the area. Our campers will be island-hopping to learn as much as they can about the region, including the flora, fauna and wildlife that make Polynesia so unique. By Friday, they’ll need to convince Pele to control her emotions and save this beautiful region, before she unleashes her largest volcano yet and buries it all under ash.

Animal Antics

As things start to go missing around various Headfirst sites, our campers are called to investigate! From missing icees to lost wristbands, something or someone is “borrowing” from our site – but who could it be?! Campers will investigate the animals living in their own DC-area backyards to figure out whodunit. Investigations will include everything from their prints to their droppings. By staying persistent, they’ll be able to apprehend the suspect to avoid any more missing goods… and may even make a furry friend along the way!


This camp includes a daily instructional swim with goals that are kid-specific, from jumping into the deep end to side breathing. Your child will be carefully supervised at all times, with a 3:1 child-to-staff ratio in the pool and swim progress reports will be sent home to parents.

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