STEM II – Alexandria

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  • Rising 2nd Graders
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STEM II – Alexandria


We take Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to the moon and beyond! Our campers launch rockets, design water filtration systems, dust for fingerprints, code robots, and create their own video games with Hopscotch. Each week of camp focuses on a specific topic, which campers explore through various projects and challenges, such as identifying inks and liquids left at a crime scene to find out whodunit in Forensics. All locations enjoy water play and indoor/outdoor games each day, and any experiments that can be done outside will be. After all, it is summer camp.

All of our STEM, Multi-Sport, Innovators and Fitzpatrick Hoops Camps include lunch for campers in rising 2nd grade and up! Lunch is served in the dining hall of Episcopal High School. All dietary and allergy needs can be accommodated.

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Week 2 (June 15 - June 19) Good Availability $569 iPad Coding: Game Design
Week 3 (June 22 - June 26) Good Availability $569 LEGO Play-Well: Harry Potter Master Engineering
Week 4 (June 29 - July 2) Limited Availability $449 Aviation Academy
Week 5 (July 6 - July 10) Good Availability $529 Set Sail!
Week 6 (July 13 - July 17) Good Availability $569 Robotics with Dash, Dot and Sphero + iPad Coding
Week 7 (July 20 - July 24) Limited Availability $569 LEGO Play-Well: JEDI Master Engineering
Week 8 (July 27 - July 31) Good Availability $529 Culinary Concoctions

Weekly Themes

iPad Coding: Game Design

Utilizing a project-based curriculum, campers in our new iPad Game Design program will be introduced to and further refine key programming skills. Camp will focus on using technology as a creative and empowering outlet for campers, harnessing their imaginative spirit with a developmentally appropriate interface. Campers will become acquainted with important coding concepts, such as sequences, variables, and conditionals, all within the accessible world of video game design.

LEGO Play-Well Master Engineering

Looking for an exploratory, hands-on STEM program based on building? This is it! Led by trained Play-Well instructors, campers will be guided through daily activities and challenges incorporating physics, engineering, and architecture based on the week’s theme. Each week incorporates a fun, imaginative world that kids already know. Play-Well engineering is about the process, not the result, which means this camp is a great place for kids to learn and discover through play.

Aviation Academy

Headfirst campers take to the skies as the newest initiates in Headfirst Flight School! Campers will engineer and pilot hot air balloons, parachutes, gliders, planes, helicopters, rockets, and more! On the wings of da Vinci and the Wright Brothers, we’ll experiment and explore concepts of energy conservation and buoyancy. Campers will end their week with a trip to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and get up close and personal with the 1903 Wright Flyer, the Spirit of St. Louis, Bell X-1, and an Apollo lunar module!

Set Sail!

Ahoy, mateys! You’ve been recruited to the crew of the U.S.S. Headfirst! In this wonderfully watery week, campers embark on a nautical adventure which highlights the physics of sailing, art of navigation, and all the fun of maritime recreation. We’ll even traverse the high seas (also known as the Potomac River) on the exclusive Boomerang Pirate Boat! Anchors away and all hands on deck – it’s time to set sail with Headfirst Camps this summer!

Robotics with Dot, Dash and Sphero + iPad Coding

Campers will get coding and programming experience working with award-winning educational robots, Dot™, Dash™, and Sphero SPRK™! From robo-jousting to maze races, story-telling to music making, this week is a digital dream! Once campers finish crafting their robots, they’ll be able to program them to detect light, color, sound, and touch, allowing the experience to be personalized and adapted to the coder’s interests. Awarded the 2018 Tech Toy of the Year for its utility, innovation, and charm, this week is one your camper won’t want to miss!

Culinary Concoctions

Welcome all that bubbles, fizzes, floats, and EXPLODES during this week of kitchen chemistry and foodie physics! Campers learn the science of combustion and reactions by devising delectable dishes and stirring up surprising snacks! Headfirst Summer Camps is the only place where edible eruption is the goal, not the #fail…don’t try these creative concoctions at home!


This camp includes a daily Water Play session. Water Play is a fun way for campers to cool off in the middle of the day. The water play activity will vary throughout the week, but will always be a fun and active way for campers to cool down from the summer heat.

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