STEM III – Cathedral Heights

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  • 9am - 3pm


  • Rising 4th Graders
  • Rising 5th Graders


  • 10:1

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STEM III – Cathedral Heights


We take Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to the moon and beyond! Our campers launch rockets, design water filtration systems, dust for fingerprints, build roller coasters and robots, and create their own video games with Hopscotch. Each week of camp focuses on a specific topic, which campers explore through various projects and challenges, such as identifying inks and liquids left at a crime scene to find out whodunit in Forensics. All locations enjoy water play and indoor/outdoor games each day, and any experiments that can be done outside will be. After all, it is summer camp

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Week 5 (July 12 – July 16) Sold Out $499 Patent Pending
Week 9 (August 9 – August 13) Good Availability $499 Aviation Academy

Weekly Themes

Aviation Academy

Headfirst campers take to the skies as the newest initiates in Headfirst Flight School! Campers will engineer and pilot hot air balloons, parachutes, gliders, planes, helicopters, rockets, and more! On the wings of da Vinci and the Wright Brothers, we’ll experiment and explore concepts of energy conservation and buoyancy.

Patent Pending

Ever had a million-dollar idea? Enjoy taking things apart to see how they work? Wish you could figure out a better or faster way to do something – get to school, pack lunch, or mow the lawn? Join us for this invention themed week. We’ll learn about famous innovators and the obstacles they had to overcome. Campers will plan the blueprint, build the prototype, and pitch inventions using littleBits™ award-winning technology. By incorporating kid-friendly electronic building blocks and circuitry, campers will bring their ideas to life in our digitalized world. It’s the best thing since sliced bread.

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