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  • 9am–3pm


  • Rising K – Rising 6th Graders (varies by location)


  • 8:1 – 10:1 (varies by age)


  • Bethesda, MD
  • Cathedral Heights, NW DC
  • Oakton, VA
  • Alexandria, VA
  • Palisades, NW DC
  • Leesburg, VA


We take Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to the moon and beyond! Our campers launch rockets, design water filtration systems, dust for fingerprints, code robots, and create their own video games with Hopscotch and Tynker. Each week of camp focuses on a specific topic, which campers explore through various projects and challenges, such as identifying inks and liquids left at a crime scene to find out whodunit in Forensics. All locations enjoy water play and indoor/outdoor games each day, and any experiments that can be done outside will be. After all, it is summer camp.

STEM Camp is divided into three groups:

STEM I (Rising K & 1st Grade)
STEM II (Rising 2nd & 3rd Grade)
STEM III (Rising 4th – 6th Grade*)

*Varies by location.

Learn about the Headfirst Philosophy

Why We're Different

Each week of STEM camp will focus on a theme, such as Robotics, Coding, or Conservation. Then, through a mix of fictional story narratives, daily challenges, and real-life examples from scientists like Alfred Nobel, Louis Pasteur and Marie Curie, our campers will learn the importance of overcoming obstacles, and maintaining a positive attitude in the face of adversity. We infuse our unique Super Six curriculum, designed to cultivate curiosity and strengthen six core social-emotional skills, into each day of camp, to make sure your camper takes home more than just a completed project at the end.

Check out our unique Super Six curriculum to learn how we help build character through story and play.

Swim & Water Play

We offer a variety of swim options across all camps and locations. For more information on the specific swim options that are available for a given camp, please use our availability search to find the relevant camp and associated information.