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When we say we inspire every kid’s personal best, we’re not playing around. Well, actually we are.
We believe the power of play is one of the most effective ways to bring out each and every personal best. In our eyes, every kid is unique. And every “best” is, too. One girl’s faster running speed is another boy’s taller skyscraper design. One water-enthusiast might master the pool, while another masters the art of nautical charts. We could go on. And on. But you get it. Summer is a time for exploration. Our experience shows that guided exploration leads to the realization of untapped passion and talent. And when that happens during the most memorable time of your child’s life? Well, we believe the possibilities for the future are limitless.

Let us be clear, we do not create or assign these things. These “bests” are already there, within each child. In fact, you’ve probably already seen glimpses of greatness. Our role is to simply help campers unearth it, and nurture it — so we can all watch it blossom into something incredible. And because every kid isn’t the same, our approach isn’t either. We pride ourselves on being flexible and adaptable — meeting them where they are on their journey. Passion cannot be forced out of a child. It must be awakened, and brought out naturally. We won’t quit until we’ve given every child the tools they need to find that magic, that passion, that unique gift that drives them to succeed.

We like to call these tools the Headfirst Super Six. They aren’t just any tools, they’re character building social skills that are highly correlated to success and leadership. By providing the tools below, and in partnership with families, we are playing a small, but valuable role in helping our campers achieve success so they can be the absolute best version of their future selves.

Emotional Mastery “Express Yourself”

Kids who can identify and talk about their emotions build healthy relationships and avoid the frustrations of feeling misunderstood.

Optimism “You Choose the Frame”

Viewing life through an optimistic lens helps young people achieve at higher levels and avoid the struggles brought on by negative thinking.

Resiliency “Bounce, Don’t Break”

Learning how to rebound from setbacks is an important component of building confidence and an integral part of personal development.

Self-Efficacy “Make Your Difference”

Kids with the awareness that they have the power within themselves to create change and new outcomes in their life are more confident and develop a greater sense of responsibility for their future.

Hope & Goal Setting “See It to Be It”

Goal setting teaches kids important skills such as focus, decision-making and communication. Studies have strongly linked goal setting to both high levels of achievement and long-term happiness.

Grit & Determination “Practice is Perfect”

With the right exposure to apprenticeship and preparation, kids can learn the important relationship between practice and self-mastery. This teaches tenacity and how to achieve their personal best.

This was an excellent experience for our son. I cannot believe he had so many positive changes in just one week. His words were ‘The camp is amazing. I like the way they treat me at camp!’ Margaret M.
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