In the fall of 1996, Brendan Sullivan returned to his native DC after the first of five professional baseball seasons.

His journey had taken him from the District to Stanford University and then into the San Diego Padres minor league system via the Major League Baseball draft. Brendan arrived home with a handful of one-page flyers highlighting his rookie baseball card and advertising private instruction. With a single baseball lesson that September on the fields of St. Albans School, his alma mater, The Headfirst Companies were born. With the first pitch, his mission was simple then and remains the same today: To inspire the personal best in high potential kids.

And we’ve dedicated every summer ever since to that mission, with passion, enthusiasm and a focus to improve every day!

Today, The Headfirst Companies have flourished into a national organization that operates three divisions. Twenty-five full-time and 700 seasonal team members continue to push Brendan’s vision to even greater heights. We live to elevate our camps as a platform to teach kids about life and open up the possibilities for their future.

Over the years, our Summer Camps have expanded from baseball to now include other sport camps, Day Camps, STEM Camp, Sprouting Scientists, and Innovators. Inc. In addition, The Headfirst Companies operate Baseball and Softball Honor Roll Camps and Professional Camps we offer in partnership with six Major League Baseball teams. With this variety, what remains constant is our joy to provide programming and structure to help kids across the country embrace their own passions and become their best selves through the power of play.