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Innovators Inc. – Bethesda


Would your camper like to design their own city, craft a secret identity, run their own restaurant or travel through history? Then you’ve come to the right place! Each week, our campers are tasked with a unique theme-based challenge, in which they must learn as much as they can about the week’s topic and collaborate to find a solution. All challenges combine elements of science, technology and creative arts, with a healthy dose of teamwork. And because our stories and themes change weekly, your camper can enjoy multiple sessions without ever doing the same thing twice.

Back for 2022: Innovators, Inc. includes a weekly field trip or expert workshop to bring the theme to life! We will update this page with each week’s destination or workshop partner as they are confirmed. Previous experiences include the International Spy Museum, Zava Zone Trampoline & Indoor Adventure Park,  and a culinary workshop with Tiny Chefs.  You will receive more information regarding your camper’s expert workshop or field trip’s date, context, and expectations prior to their week of programming.

See below for more information on Swim at camp!

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Week 1 (June 13 – June 17) Sold Out $525 Toy Story Entrepreneurs
Week 2 (June 20 – June 24) Sold Out $525 Cookin' Up Creativity
Week 3 (June 27 – July 1) Sold Out $525 Nautical Navigators
Week 4 (July 5 – July 8) Sold Out $425 Movie Magic
Week 5 (July 11 – July 15) Sold Out $525 Caves & Crystals
Week 6 (July 18 – July 22) Sold Out $525 Case Crackers
Week 7 (July 25 – July 29) Sold Out $525 Urban Art Adventure
Week 8 (August 1 – August 5) Sold Out $525 Captivating Kinesiology
Week 9 (August 8 – August 12) Sold Out $525 City Builders
Week 10 (August 15 – August 19) Sold Out $525 Variety Show


We are excited to share that this camp includes recreational swim! Recreational swim is an opportunity to engage in safe, supervised free swim and pool-based games. Campers will be assessed for use of permitted areas of the pool. We are working with our school partners to maximize the number of days in the pool for your camper – our goal is daily recreational swim and we will let you know before camp if that is not the case.

Weekly Themes

Toy Store Entrepreneurs

They zoom! They flash! They snuggle! They squish…they’re TOYS! Whether it’s a cuddly stuffed animal, ooey gooey slime, or a tricky puzzle, this week begs the question, can there ever be too many toys? The Innovators entrepreneurs will invent, prototype, and market their original novelties in the Headfirst Toy Store! Campers will design and play board games, merge modern technology and classic crafts, and explore the history of some of the most famous games in this week that celebrates the power of play! They’ll consider how toys can be both educational and entertaining. These toys are kid-tested, kid-approved!

Cookin’ Up Creativity

Chef hats…check! Whisks…check! Best week ever running your own restaurant…CHECK! Julia Child’s once said, “No one is born a great chef, one learns by doing”, and there’s no better place to instill confidence in the kitchen than at Headfirst! From mastering the perfect pancake to creating edible artwork, this week challenges campers to evaluate, experiment, and explore elements of nutrition. From maître-d to menu designer, Headfirst chefs will let their creativity simmer all week long!

Nautical Navigators

Ahoy, mateys! You’ve been recruited to the crew of the U.S.S. Headfirst! In this wonderfully watery week, campers embark on a nautical adventure which highlights the physics of sailing, art of navigation, and all the fun of maritime recreation. The Innovators create their own treasure maps, experiment with buoyancy, engineer a compass, and more. Anchors away and all hands on deck – it’s time to set sail with Headfirst Camps this summer!

Movie Magic

Lights, Camera, Action! You’re in the Director’s chair as we discover how our favorite hits achieve cinematic success! In our week of Movie Magic, you’ll explore the art of storyboarding, collaborate on a screenplay, and even act out original scenes for the next box office hit. We’ll honor some family-friendly greats such as the Star Wars and Toy Story franchises, as well as The Wizard of Oz, Moana, and Up through active play, crafts, and games. From props to production, acting to directing, there’s a role for every camper on the Innovators’ movie set!

Caves & Crystals

Pack your headlamp and spelunking gear as we trek into the abyss of the world’s favorite caverns! If you want a camp that really ROCKS…and to differentiate between a stalactite and a stalagmite…Caves and Crystals is the week for you! Get to know the habitat of bats and bears, as well as the canvas for paleolithic communication! Campers will crack open geodes, explore hibernation and echolocation through play, and even create cave paintings!

Case Crackers

A missing gemstone. A mysterious note. A glass of spilled milk! To find out whodunit, campers must sift through clues, solve puzzles, and unravel mysteries. Employing real-life techniques, campers will examine the exciting world of forensics, including dusting for fingerprints and deciphering invisible ink messages. The week will culminate with their biggest mystery yet, challenging campers to strengthen their collaboration and critical thinking skills. Will they crack the case? The game is afoot!

Urban Art Adventure

Magnificent mosaics, metropolitan museums, and meaningful murals – the world is your canvas in this week of Urban Art Adventures! Using inspiration from global artists and storytellers, campers will learn that, ‘Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.’ Campers will learn hands-on techniques using paint, clay, fabric, and more. As the Innovators explore unique ways to beautify public spaces, such as painted crosswalks and sculpted bike racks, they’ll plan and design their own community creations. As their creativity runs wild, the Innovators recognize that each of us is already a masterpiece!

Captivating Kinesiology

Have you ever wondered how to throw the perfect pitch, or why some balls bounce higher than others? This week is perfect for aspiring scientists and athletes, alike. We will uncover the physics principles behind our most beloved sports, meet incredible athletes throughout the ages, explore the field of kinesiology, and play novel games as we host our own Headfirst Field Day! From soccer to surfing, kayaking to karate – there are SO many fun sports out there, and we want to explore them all. Join Innovators for an exciting week full of active play, recreation, and scientific discovery!

City Builders

We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us! Do you have an eye for design and an affinity for architecture? This is the perfect week for budding developers who want to explore the intersection of innovation and activism. We’ll test bridges and boats, engineer skyscrapers, and artfully arrange a city by design. Our explorations just might kickstart your career in urban development! You simply won’t want to miss the ribbon cutting for this cutting-edge metropolis!

Variety Show

Places, everyone…it’s SHOWTIME! In this week of Performing Arts perfection, campers imagine, produce, and star in an original performance! Throughout the week, campers learn the ins and outs of show business including choreography, casting, costuming, set design, scripting, and performing! Whether your camper loves to sing the solo, provide the comedic relief, dance their heart out, or mastermind the technology, every Innovator is an integral part of this production! If all the world’s a stage, the Innovators are ready for their big break!

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