Junior Day Camp – Half Day – Bethesda

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  • 9am - 12pm


  • Rising Pre-K & Younger


  • 6:1

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Junior Day Camp – Half Day – Bethesda


Our half day option offers our youngest campers the opportunity to sample all the fun and excitement of summer camp before moving to full day. Campers rotate through the same roster of activities as our full day Junior Day campers, including art, STEM, music, sports, and storytime, as well as instructional swim. And with their modified schedule, these young campers are able to practice important skills for building independence, such as listening to directions and transitioning from one activity to the next. They’ll also attend our all-camp meeting each morning and be eligible to earn the coveted Headfirst Icees for exhibiting traits like optimism, grit, and resiliency. Our highly-trained staff, easy carpool drop off, and daily blog updates make the transition to camp fun and easy for parents as well.

*Please note that half day campers are grouped separately from full day campers because of scheduling, and therefore we cannot accommodate buddy requests between these groups.

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Week 1 (June 8 - June 12) Good Availability $379 Deep Sea Discovery
Week 2 (June 15 - June 19) Good Availability $379 Prehistoric Playtime
Week 3 (June 22 - June 26) Good Availability $379 Fantastic Beasts Found
Week 4 (June 29 - July 2) Good Availability $349 Fun at the Fair
Week 5 (July 6 - July 10) Good Availability $379 Community Yelpers
Week 6 (July 13 - July 17) Good Availability $379 There's Snow Place Like Camp
Week 7 (July 20 - July 24) Good Availability $379 Headfirst Heroes
Week 8 (July 27 - July 31) Good Availability $379 Welcome to CAMPelot
Week 9 (August 3 - August 7) Good Availability $379 Pond Pals
Week 10 (August 10 - August 14) Good Availability $379 Gomer on the Go!

Weekly Themes

Deep Sea Discovery

Adventure awaits! Buried somewhere deep in the Atlantic Ocean Atlantis is out there ready to be discovered… or so the legend says. Shrouded in mystery and magic, come dive deep within yourself AND the ocean for what is sure to be a treasurable experience. Just watch out for the Bermuda Triangle!

Prehistoric Playtime

Beat the heat of summer with some of the most amazing cold-blooded creatures to ever roam Earth! Although the dinosaurs have long been extinct, their descendants still have managed to slither, crawl and creep their way to almost every continent… and in some very unlikely creatures! Come sun your scales as we learn about some radical reptiles and awe-inspiring amphibians and their ancestors who used to rule the Earth. Be prepared for a week of epic (and prehistoric) proportions!

Fantastic Beasts Found

Mermaids and unicorns and dragons… oh my! Let your imagination run as far as a centaurs gallop and as high as a dragon’s flight can take you. If you can imagine it, it can happen at Headfirst! During this magical week, we’ll explore the legendary creatures and objects of some of our favorite tall tales as we blur the lines between fact and fantasy. And don’t worry, there won’t just be fairies for these fairy tales – there’s something for everybody this week!

Fun at the Fair

Come one, come all – the State Fair is here at Headfirst and each state is ready to wow! The big top tent is pitched, the animals and performers are all here. Now, all we need is you here so we can begin! With representatives from each corner of our nation, we’ll discover what every region has to offer. Come give it a whirl, this camp only comes to town once a year!

Community Yelpers

Is your camper ready for a ruff ruff rescue? We’ll need all paws on deck this week! Whether your camper can build like Rubble, fly like Skye or save the day like Marshall we’ll be sure to use and celebrate their unique skills as we help them continue to transform into their personal best! And remember – whenever you’re in trouble just yelp for help!

There’s Snow Place Like Camp

Yoo-Hoo! Big summer blowout! Maybe the cold never bothered you anyway, but it doesn’t feel much like summer with the icy grips of winter here at Headfirstandelle. Could it be that emotional Elsa is back? If so, she’s going to need some help channeling her emotions and power for good… from YOU! Afterall, some Headfirst friends are totally worth melting for…

Headfirst Heroes

You don’t need to be bitten by a spider or come from Planet Krypton to have the power within to be a positive force in the world! That’s why this camp focuses on more than just the traditional fun and whimsy of well-known superheroes. It also touches on the importance of civic duty and community engagement to help our campers understand that each and every one of us plays an important role in keeping our community safe and thriving. Through projects, story immersion, and group activities, our campers will be ready to take their own super talents “up, up and away” to save the day!

Welcome to CAMPelot

Hold on to your helmets, this week is sure to be worthy of a crown! No need to scale the castle walls or journey across a moat to be among royalty – your camper will develop the leadership skills to be the King or Queen of their own court! Along the way, we’ll be sure to play games with jesters, joust with knights and feast and dance with medieval merriment!

Pond Pals

Feeling SWAMPed with deciding what to do this summer? Hop, leap or waddle your way down to Headfirst Pond! We’ll explore the wonderful wetlands that so many creatures and plants call home as we submerge ourselves in marshes, ponds and mangroves galore! This RIBBET-ing week is sure to make quite the splash! Good luck staying dry this wonderful watery week!

Gomer on the Go!

You know the saying; planes, trains and automobiles… but they aren’t even the half of the things that will go, go, go this week! Go farther and faster with your transportation creations as we roll, row and fly ourselves to further lengths and higher heights! There’s so many different ways to get where you want to go- which will you pick?


This camp includes a daily instructional swim with goals that are kid-specific, from jumping into the deep end to side breathing. Your child will be carefully supervised at all times, with a 3:1 child-to-staff ratio in the pool and swim progress reports will be sent home to parents.

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