Innovators Elevated – Cathedral Heights

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  • Rising 4th Graders
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Innovators Elevated – Cathedral Heights


What do you get when you mix creativity, analysis, and STEAM?  You get the next level of Innovators, Inc.: Innovators, Elevated!  This narrative-based entrepreneurial experience challenges rising 4th-6th graders to utilize critical thinking and teamwork to solve a problem. In Innovators, Elevated, campers grow their self-efficacy and public-speaking skills to express their opinions, utilize evidence-based discovery and expand their comfort zones.  Headfirst campers solve history’s mysteries, produce an original performance and transform into highly sought-after 21st-century changemakers!

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Week 2 (June 21 – June 25) Sold Out $499 Dashing through the Decades
Week 3 (June 28 – July 2) Sold Out $499 Museum Curators
Week 4 (July 5 – July 9) Sold Out $499 Mission to Mars
Week 6 (July 19 – July 23) Sold Out $499 Global Gastronomy
Week 7 (July 26 – July 30) Sold Out $499 History's Mysteries
Week 8 (August 2 – August 6) Limited Availability $499 Earth Changes & Natural Disasters

Weekly Themes


Places everyone, IT’S SHOWTIME! We know there’s no business like show business, and this week the Innovators get to see their names in lights! Each day, we’ll explore production elements of critically acclaimed musicals, including Wicked, Hamilton, Phantom of the Opera, and The Lion King, culminating the week by staging an original summer headliner! From dramatic monologues to opening numbers, grand finales to overtures, we’ll explore what makes our favorite performances SHOWSTOPPERS. Whether you’re an actor, director, conductor, or crew member, we have a role for you! Get ready for your encore and standing ovation in our week of performing arts perfection.

Museum Curators

The Innovators are commissioned to chair the next great metropolitan museum – inspired-by and featuring artwork solely created by kids! Campers will learn hands-on techniques and craft masterpieces using paint, clay, fabric, and more. They’ll explore the art of curating an experience as well as the importance of thematic design and storytelling. Their creativity runs wild as the Innovators work together to stage and take on the role of docents in their original institution, proving that each of us is already a masterpiece!

Global Gastronomy

Chef hats…check! Whisks…check! Best week ever running an internationally-acclaimed restaurant…CHECK! Julia Childs once said, “No one is born a great chef, one learns by doing”, and there’s no better place to instill confidence in the kitchen than at Headfirst! Whether we’re mastering eggs rolls or rolling pizza dough, this week challenges campers to evaluate, experiment, and explore elements of culinary culture from around the world. From maître-d to menu designer, Headfirst chefs will let their creativity simmer all week long!

Dashing Through the Decades

Dust off your time machine because this week, the Innovators are Dashing Through the Decades! From tie-dye to the Charleston, disco to digital– we’ll explore it all as we bop from the roaring twenties, to the sock-hop sixties, then groove to the seventies up through the funky eighties and nineties. Throughout the week, we’ll become pop culture prodigies as we celebrate a new decade each day through its music, games, clothing, and historical events!

Mission to Mars

3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF…into a universe of adventure during this week of space exploration! We’ll test rocket prototypes, design our own space suits, and map the sky with culinary constellations and moon models! We know that the sky isn’t the limit…it’s merely the starting line. The Innovators will SOAR in our out-of-this-world week of camp!

Earth Changes & Natural Disasters

Tsunamis, volcanoes, blizzards – oh my! In our week of Natural Disasters, the Innovators are chasing wild weather while protecting their planet. We’ll recreate plate tectonics, experiment with erosion, weather-proof homes, and prevent wildfires. This week combines meteorology, geology, creativity and bravery, as the Innovators prepare for Earth’s most extreme elements.

History’s Mysteries

From Stonehenge to Macchu Pichu, the Great Pyramids to the Parthenon – history is full of mysteries and intrigue! During our Ancient Civilizations week, our budding archeologists and anthropologists will explore the culture and innovations of ancient Rome, Egypt, and Greece. We’ll also explore the legacy of Chinese dynasties and the Incas, Mayas, and Aztecs. Journey with the Innovators as we interpret hieroglyphics, race chariots, mummify fruit, and even stage a mythological wax museum!


We have worked closely with our school partners and with the guidelines set forth by local jurisdictions to manage the capacities of our pools. Given these reduced capacities, we are not able to offer recreational swim in 2021 for our campers who are Rising 2nd graders and older. We will be providing Water Play activities for campers to cool down during the camp day.

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