Innovators Elevated – Cathedral Heights

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  • 9am - 3pm


  • Rising 4th Graders
  • Rising 5th Graders
  • Rising 6th Graders


  • 10:1

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Innovators Elevated – Cathedral Heights


What do you get when you mix creativity, analysis, and STEAM?  You get the next level of Innovators, Inc.: Innovators, Elevated!  This narrative-based entrepreneurial experience challenges rising 4th-6th graders to utilize critical thinking and teamwork to solve a problem, culminating in a field trip or expert workshop. In Innovators, Elevated, campers grow their self-efficacy and public-speaking skills to express their opinions, utilize evidence-based discovery and expand their comfort zones.  Headfirst campers solve history’s mysteries, produce an original performance and transform into highly sought-after 21st-century changemakers!

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Week 9 (August 3 - August 7) Sold Out $529 Performers and Producers

Weekly Themes

Critics and Creators

The Innovators are commissioned to chair the next great metropolitan museum – inspired-by and featuring artwork solely created by kids!  Campers will learn hands-on techniques and craft masterpieces using paint, clay, fabric, and more.  They’ll explore the art of curating an experience as well as the importance of thematic design and storytelling.  Their creativity runs wild as the Innovators work together to stage and take on the role of docents in their original institution, proving that each of us is already a masterpiece!

Anticipated Field Trip: Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

Performers and Producers

Places, everyone…it’s SHOWTIME! In this week of Performing Arts perfection, campers imagine, produce, and star in an original performance!  Throughout the week, campers learn the ins and outs of show business including directing, casting, costuming, set design, scripting, and performing!  Whether your camper loves to sing the solo, provide the comedic relief, dance their heart out, or mastermind the technology, every Innovator is an integral part of this production!  If all the world’s a stage, the Innovators are ready for their big break!

Anticipated Expert Workshop: Performing Arts Expert Workshop with Round House Theatre

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