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Innovators Inc. – Palisades


Would your camper like to design their own city, craft a secret identity, run their own restaurant or travel through history? Then you’ve come to the right place! Each week, our campers are tasked with a unique theme-based challenge, in which they must learn as much as they can about the week’s topic and collaborate to find a solution. All challenges combine elements of science, technology and creative arts, with a healthy dose of teamwork. And because our stories and themes change weekly, your camper can enjoy multiple sessions without ever doing the same thing twice.

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Week 2 (June 21 – June 25) Good Availability $479 Dashing through the Decades
Week 3 (June 28 – July 2) Sold Out $479 Museum Curators
Week 4 (July 5 – July 9) Sold Out $479 Mission to Mars
Week 5 (July 12 – July 16) Sold Out $479 National Park Navigators
Week 6 (July 19 – July 23) Sold Out $479 Global Gastronomy
Week 7 (July 26 – July 30) Sold Out $479 Party Planners
Week 8 (August 2 – August 6) Limited Availability $479 Natural Disasters

Weekly Themes

Dashing Through the Decades

Dust off your time machine because this week, the Innovators are Dashing Through the Decades! From tie-dye to the Charleston, disco to digital– we’ll explore it all as we bop from the roaring twenties, to the sock-hop sixties, then groove to the seventies up through the funky eighties and nineties. Throughout the week, we’ll become pop culture prodigies as we celebrate a new decade each day through its music, games, clothing, and historical events!

Museum Curators

The Innovators are commissioned to chair the next great metropolitan museum – inspired-by and featuring artwork solely created by kids! Campers will learn hands-on techniques and craft masterpieces using paint, clay, fabric, and more. They’ll explore the art of curating an experience as well as the importance of thematic design and storytelling. Their creativity runs wild as the Innovators work together to stage and take on the role of docents in their original institution, proving that each of us is already a masterpiece!

Mission to Mars

3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF…into a universe of adventure during this week of space exploration! We’ll test rocket prototypes, design our own space suits, and map the sky with culinary constellations and moon models! We know that the sky isn’t the limit…it’s merely the starting line. The Innovators will SOAR in our out-of-this-world week of camp!

National Park Navigators

From canyons to caverns, glaciers to geysers – our country’s national parks are INCREDIBLE! This week the Innovators discover diverse habitats – including rainforests, deserts, mountaintops, and woodlands – as we navigate through a new landscape each day, including the Grand Canyon, the Great Smoky Mountains, Saguaro National Park, and more! The Innovators will earn their ranger badges, camp under the stars, and become stewards of service for our beloved national treasures.

Global Gastronomy

Chef hats…check! Whisks…check! Best week ever running an internationally-acclaimed restaurant…CHECK! Julia Childs once said, “No one is born a great chef, one learns by doing”, and there’s no better place to instill confidence in the kitchen than at Headfirst! Whether we’re mastering eggs rolls or rolling pizza dough, this week challenges campers to evaluate, experiment, and explore elements of culinary culture from around the world. From maître-d to menu designer, Headfirst chefs will let their creativity simmer all week long!

Party Planners

You’re invited to the party of the summer, and with the Innovators, there is ALWAYS a reason to celebrate. In our week as Party Planners, we’ll explore festivities from around the world, and then plan our very own camp-worthy celebration! From invitations to decorations, favors to entertainment – we’ll grow our creativity, management, and hospitality skills. It’s time to RSVP for this week of party planning but shh…don’t spoil the surprise!

Earth Changes & Natural Disasters

Tsunamis, volcanoes, blizzards – oh my! In our week of Natural Disasters, the Innovators are chasing wild weather while protecting their planet. We’ll recreate plate tectonics, experiment with erosion, weather-proof homes, and prevent wildfires. This week combines meteorology, geology, creativity and bravery, as the Innovators prepare for Earth’s most extreme elements.

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