Junior Day Camp – Full Day – Cathedral Heights

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  • 9am - 3pm


  • Rising Pre-K & Younger


  • 6:1

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Junior Day Camp – Full Day – Cathedral Heights


Our Junior Day Camp will excite your child’s imagination through hands-on activities in art, music and sensory play. This program gives younger children the perfect opportunity to grow their listening and transition skills, as well as practice independence within our lively camp atmosphere. Our story-based approach invites active, thoughtful play as campers fully immerse themselves in the theme of the week, from decorations to costumes to crafts. Lots of outdoor time and perennial favorites such as story time and group games round off this wonderful first-camp experience. We make the transition to camp easy on parents as well, with our best-in-class staff and easy carpool drop off!

NOTE: During the weeks of July 31st and August 7th, the Cathedral Heights (St. Albans) pool will be under construction and we are not permitted to use it. We apologize for the impact to our curriculum.

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Week 2 (June 19 – June 23) Good Availability $540 Savannah Safari
Week 3 (June 26 – June 30) Limited Availability $540 Budding Builders
Week 4 (July 3 – July 7) Good Availability $435 Finding Your Inner Magic
Week 5 (July 10 – July 14) Limited Availability $540 Friends in Flight
Week 6 (July 17 – July 21) Limited Availability $540 Exploring Our Elements
Week 7 (July 24 – July 28) Limited Availability $540 Antarctic Adventure
Week 8 (July 31 – August 4) Limited Availability $540 Prehistoric Playtime
Week 9 (August 7 – August 11) Limited Availability $490 Mountains, Miles, and More


This camp includes a daily instructional swim with goals that are kid-specific, from jumping into the deep end to side breathing. Your child will be carefully supervised at all times, with a 3:1 child-to-staff ratio in the pool and swim progress reports will be sent home to parents.

Weekly Themes

Finding Your Inner Magic

Like the Madrigal family from Disney Pixar’s Encanto, we each possess our own power, made stronger by our communities!  By exploring the mystery of magic and illusion, we will learn about the power that our special skills bring to our own lives and the world around us. Get ready to work your magic!

Mountains, Miles, and More

Headfirst’s mascot, Gomer, has decided he wants to take a road trip… to California! With over 2,400 miles to cover and just a few days to get there, campers will have to learn about our country’s geography, famous monuments and sights, and the importance of backwards planning to make this virtual road trip a reality.  Will the campers get CA in time, or will they let any little “bump in the road” prevent them from achieving their goal?

Antarctic Adventure

Campers will enjoy a snow-filled week as they help an Emperor Penguin traverse the Antarctic Circle to relocate his colony. They’ll learn about life in the south pole, find a safe location where the penguin’s colony can thrive, and help him navigate back home.  Along the way, they’ll learn about different types of Antarctic and Arctic animals, paint watercolors of the Northern lights, and much more.  There’s “snow” place like camp!

Exploring Our Elements

Earth, wind, fire, and water seem so different from one another – but are they really? Motivated by Disney Pixar’s new film, Elemental, campers will explore what makes each element unique, how they work together to make our world beautiful, and how we, too, are each made of many incredible elements that all work together!

Friends in Flight

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s Headfirst campers! By exploring animals, insects, machines, and homemade crafts that take wing, your camper will discover there’s more than one way to soar this summer!

Budding Builders

This week, campers will be tasked with creating a structure to help provide shade for Headfirst’s beloved mascot, Gomer. They’ll have to work together, using tools and materials, through all stages of building, including visualizing, planning and creating their structure. Campers should bring their favorite tool belts and blueprints, along with their most creative thinking, to this exciting architectural challenge!

Savannah Safari

Headfirst’s trusty mascot, Gomer, would like to discover what animals might be roaming the earth that he doesn’t know about yet. So he decides to go on Safari to the Sahara, exploring a new-to-him location that many creatures call home, and bring our campers with him! After all, curiosity creates confidence, and what better way to become more confident than to learn about different creatures firsthand? But when he encounters some pesky poachers, he and the campers will have to come up with a plan to save all of the amazing animals they’ve met. Can these campers save the day?

Prehistoric Playtime

It’s hard to see your own awesomeness when you’re constantly comparing yourself to the mighty reptiles that once ruled the earth… just ask Lizzy the Lizard! You don’t have to be the strongest, fastest or even most aesthetically pleasing creature to be great and admired, every being has something amazing worth celebrating.

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