Sprouting Scientists – Oakton

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Sprouting Scientists – Oakton


Looking for a camp that makes learning fun? Problem solved! This new program explores the scientific process, makes complex concepts fun and accessible, and encourages campers to embrace mistakes, take risks and be persistent. Along with plenty of outdoor games and waterplay, this developmentally appropriate early introduction to science offers kid-friendly themes like kitchen chemistry, spooky science, botany and forensics. Join us for a week of messy, hands-on activities your camper won’t forget!

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Week 2 (June 19 – June 23) Limited Availability $515 Culinary Concoctions
Week 3 (June 26 – June 30) Limited Availability $515 Spooky Ooky Science
Week 4 (July 3 – July 7) Limited Availability $515 Veterinary Science
Week 5 (July 10 – July 14) Limited Availability $515 Green Thumbs Galore
Week 6 (July 17 – July 21) Limited Availability $515 Junior Forensics
Week 7 (July 24 – July 28) Limited Availability $515 iPad Coding - Animation Studio
Week 8 (July 31 – August 4) Limited Availability $515 Robotics with Dash, Dot & Sphero
Week 9 (August 7 – August 11) Limited Availability $515 Stretchy, Sticky, Slimy


This camp includes Water Play! Water Play is a fun way for campers to cool off in the middle of the day. The water play activity will vary throughout the week, but will always be a fun and active way for campers to cool down from the summer heat.

Weekly Themes

Stretchy, Sticky, Slimy

We embrace all that stretches, squishes, and sticks in this ooey-gooey week of camp! Through hands-on chemistry, we’ll combine materials that can grow, glow, and color change before our eyes! From experimenting with the best slime recipe, to exploring the wackiest, weirdest, and coolest creatures of our world, we will be experts in the world of sensory science!

Robotics with Dash, Dot & Sphero

Campers are welcomed to the world of robotics during this week of Sprouting Scientists! Using Wonder Workshop’s Dot and Dash combo, and Sphero SPRK, campers will utilize digital programming language to bring their robots to life.  In small groups, campers will collaborate to master numerous games and challenges.  Some of these explorations include a robo-masquerade ball, maneuvering through obstacle courses, using the robots to act out a narrative, bowling and target practice, and coding robots to respond to movement, color, & sound.

Junior Forensics

A missing diamond. A mysterious note. A glass of spilled milk. Campers must sift through the clues this week as they solve puzzles, unravel mysteries, and catch criminals. Employing real-life techniques, campers will dive deep into the exciting world of forensics. Even Sherlock Homes would be impressed.

Veterinary Science

Whether you ruff, meow, tweet, or neigh, you’re welcome at the Headfirst Animal Hospital! This week, our Sprouting Scientists become veterinarians and animal advocates as we take x-rays, learn bandaging basics, and all about what keeps our furry friends healthy! Don’t stop retrievin’, hold onto that feline…with this purrrfect week of camp!

Spooky Ooky Science

During this spoooooky week, campers will learn alongside the summer’s coolest ghouls! We’ll brew potions, levitate ghosts, craft our own monster identities, and have a frightening amount of fun in our ghastly games.  Campers will explore important STEM concepts like echolocation, bridge engineering, precision and accuracy, shape attributes, and predator and prey relationships.  Through this week’s challenges, campers just might become the next Frank Einstein!

Green Thumbs Galore

Pollution, depletion, extinction…oh why!? Mother Earth needs YOU to be a friend to the flora and fauna in this week of sensational sustainability. Through experiments and engineering, we’ll learn transferrable ways to be ambassadors of nature. We’ll personalize reusable bags and napkins, plant miniature gardens, and create seed bombs and hand pollinators. May the forest be with you!

iPad Coding: Animation Studio

In our iPad coding animation program, campers will utilize the ScratchJr software to create their own unique, interactive stories. ScratchJr was specifically designed as an introductory visual programming language, allowing campers to familiarize themselves with fundamental coding principles through an accessible and easy to understand interface. This course is the perfect introduction to coding for young campers as they learn how to articulate their thoughts and creative ideas through technology.

Culinary Concoctions

Welcome all that bubbles, fizzes, floats, and EXPLODES during this week of kitchen chemistry and foodie physics! Campers learn the science of combustion and reactions by devising delectable dishes and stirring up surprising snacks! Headfirst Summer Camps is the only place where edible eruption is the goal, not the #fail…don’t try these creative concoctions at home!

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