Day Camp – Bethesda

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  • Hours: 9am - 3pm


  • Rising K
  • Rising 1st Graders


  • Ratio: 8:1

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Day Camp – Bethesda


Get ready for a great summer! This retro-style camp has something for everyone, including art, music, sports and STEM. Games and activities revolve around the week’s theme, allowing campers to flex their imaginations as they make their own binoculars, filter homemade “kidneys,” and build igloos and marble runs. Campers work together to help Headfirst’s mascot, Gomer, solve a problem over the course of the week, challenging them to think creatively and brainstorm solutions. Follow along on your camper’s adventure with daily photos and updates on our camp blog!

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Week 1 (June 10 – June 14) Limited Availability $549 Wonderful Wetlands
Week 2 (June 17 – June 21) Limited Availability $549 Imagination Station
Week 3 (June 24 – June 28) Limited Availability $549 All Paws on Deck
Week 4 (July 1 – July 5) Limited Availability $549 Travel, Trucks & Transportation
Week 5 (July 8 – July 12) Limited Availability $549 Starry Sky Spectacular
Week 6 (July 15 – July 19) Limited Availability $549 League of Extraordinary Campers
Week 7 (July 22 – July 26) Limited Availability $549 Campers of the Round Table
Week 8 (July 29 – August 2) Limited Availability $549 Bodies, Brains, and Bouncing Back
Week 9 (August 5 – August 9) Limited Availability $549 City Critters


This camp includes a daily instructional swim with goals that are kid-specific, from jumping into the deep end to side breathing. Your child will be carefully supervised at all times, with a 3:1 child-to-staff ratio in the pool and swim progress reports will be sent home to parents.

Weekly Themes

Wild Weather

Gomer has become very interested in watching the different types of weather. He has decided to become a meteorologist and understands this will require him to learn everything he can about weather. He is enlisting the help of campers to help him understand what difference kinds of weather there are, why they occur and how we can protect ourselves from and enjoy it all. But it will require lots of grit and determination along the way!

Starry Sky Spectacular

Oh no! Our mascot, Gomer, is afraid of the dark. Join us as we embark on a moonlit journey, using our night goggles, to help Gomer realize the dark isn’t so bad after all. Once the sun sets, the magic begins! Campers will investigate the joy of night, including nocturnal animals, the moon and stars which all come out to play once darkness falls.

League of Extraordinary Campers

For years, two superhero trainers known as “Hope” and “Action” have worked together to protect Headfirstopolis. So when the unthinkable happens and super villains infiltrate our camp, our campers must act. They’ll have to dig deep within themselves to find their own unique talents and strengths, then work together to save Headfirstopolis. Through projects, story immersion and group activities, they’ll develop their own superhero identities, complete with costumes and special powers. Will their hard work and optimism be enough to save the day?

Campers of the Round Table

Campers will travel back in time to join the quest of becoming a knight at King Arthur’s round table. There, they will find Percy, a desperate lad who dreams of achieving knighthood but is thwarted by his temper tantrums, endless crying, and knee-buckling fear. But campers and Percy will both work on their Emotional Mastery to achieve their goals!

Bodies, Brains, and Bouncing Back

This week, campers will be learning about one of the most sophisticated and miraculous creations on the planet—our bodies! Through a series fun and interactive art and STEM projects, they’ll examine how the human anatomy is made up of incredible systems designed to help us bounce back, both mentally and physically, from all kinds of setbacks. Campers will love learning how the body they walk around in every day is constantly adapting and growing in order to help them take better care of themselves … from head to toe!

City Critters

As things start to go missing around various Headfirst sites, our campers are called to investigate! From missing icees to lost wristbands, something or someone is “borrowing” from our site – but who could it be?! Campers will investigate the animals living in their own DC-area backyards to figure out whodunit. This week’s mix of zoology, ecology and wildlife habitat study will keep even the most exotic animal lovers satisfied. Flying squirrels? Opossums? Pill bugs? We’ll be taking a closer look at those and many more. Investigations will include everything from their prints to their droppings. By staying persistent, they’ll be able to apprehend the suspect to avoid any more missing goods… and may even make a furry friend along the way!

Wonderful Wetlands

Gomer, cannot seem to get himself out of bed! His nights are disrupted by the croaking from a frog! It’s hard to maintain his personal best when a lack of sleep is making him grouchy. Gomer decides that he needs to investigate what this little froggy is croaking about but needs campers’ help because he has a lot of wetlands to cover! Through the exploration, campers will learn how wetlands’ flora and fauna bounce back through their many life cycles. Campers will consider how to solve this problem, as well as the problems of those they meet along their wetland way!

Imagination Station

Campers will be asked to think out of the box this week to help Gomer discover what lies within our imagination. They will meet an inventor who has lost their imagination and needs their help. They will use creative thinking and ask “What If” questions to explore and flex their incredible imaginations! They will watch their “ideas” grow and grow through an optimistic lens while they open their eyes and minds to new possibilities!

All Paws on Deck

Whenever there is trouble, Headfirst campers will be there on the double! And there certainly is a lot of mischief going on this week at camp. As campers learn about the community helpers that keep our homes safe and healthy–from police officers to fire fighters, doctors to constructions workers, they’ll work to become their personal best and solve the mission of a lifetime. No problem’s too big and no camper’s too small for this woof of a good time!

Travel, Trucks & Transportation

Gomer’s stuck on Earth with no way to get back to Gomeria. Join us as we explore all types of transportation and help our dear friend Gomer find his way back home. We are going to need lots of determination to create a way for Gomer to get back to Gomeria.

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