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  • 9am – 3pm


  • Rising K – Rising 7th Graders (varies by location)


  • 8:1 – 10:1 (varies by age)


  • Brookland, NE DC
  • Bethesda, MD
  • Cathedral Heights, NW DC
  • Oakton, VA
  • Palisades, NW DC

Multi-Sport Camp

Our popular Multi-Sport camp focuses on exposing young athletes to a variety of sports and activities while bringing out the best in each individual athlete. We’ll be rotating through a different selection of court-based or field-based sports each week, as well as incorporating new elements such as Campers’ Choice, Try-it Thursdays, physical literacy components and tournament competitions. No two weeks will be the same as our campers work to earn shout-outs, team captain armbands and other camper awards. From soccer to badminton, basketball to Human Hungry Hippos, this camp has it all! Campers of all skill levels and abilities will enjoy this high-energy, high-excitement program.

See below for more information on Swim at camp!

Learn about the Headfirst Philosophy

Why We're Different

We do more than just teach kids to play sports. In addition to emphasizing leadership and teamwork rather than being the “best” player on a team, we also encourage campers to focus on their physical literacy, which is the ability to move with competence and confidence in a variety of physical activities and environments. This focus benefits the healthy development of the whole child, and aligns with our unique Super Six curriculum, in which we strive to help each camper achieve their own personal best.

Sample Day

9:00 to 9:30 Carpool & Arrival Activities
9:30 to 9:40 Morning Meeting
9:40 to 10:20 Sports Block 1 (Indoors)
10:20 to 10:30 Snack & Water
10:40 to 11:00 Change & Sunscreen
11:00 to 11:30 Swim / Water Play
12:00 to 12:30 Lunch
12:40 to 1:10 Sports Block 2 (Outside)
1:15 to 2:20 Simulated Game
1:40 to 1:50 Water Break
1:50 to 2:10 Simulated Game
2:20 to 2:40 All-Camp Afternoon Meeting
2:40 to 3:00 Carpool


  • This schedule is representative of the schedule one group would follow. Each group follows a different schedule each day.
  • Given the variance in schedules, lunch time is different for each group.
  • Sunscreen is applied throughout the day in a scheduled manner.
  • Water and bathroom breaks are also taken throughout the day in a scheduled manner and always when needed.


Swim & Water Play

Campers in Multi-Sport I (Rising K – Rising 1st) will take part in instructional swim at camp. Instructional swim has goals that are kid-specific, from jumping into the deep end to side breathing. Campers will be carefully supervised at all times, with a 3:1 child-to-staff ratio in the pool and swim progress reports will be sent home to parents. At D.C. and Maryland locations, instructional swim will occur on a daily basis. At Flint Hill School, swim will occur twice weekly with a short shuttle bus ride to the pool.

Campers in Multi-Sport II+III+IV (Rising 2nd – Rising 7th) will take part in recreational swim at camp. Recreational swim is an opportunity to engage in safe, supervised free swim and pool-based games. Campers will be assessed for use of permitted areas of the pool. We are working with our school partners to maximize the number of days in the pool for your camper – our goal is daily recreational swim and we will let you know before camp if that is not the case.