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Innovators Inc. – Cathedral Heights


Does your camper love a challenge? Each Innovators group is presented with a unique problem that must be solved by the end of the week, such as revamping a failing restaurant complete with décor, cooking and new menus, curating a museum exhibit with their own artwork, or putting on a Broadway show. It’s all hands on deck as they work together through a series of projects that build not only new artistic and creative skills, but leadership abilities as well. With a wide range of themes, from natural disasters to history to time travel, this engaging week is sure to be a favorite!

This unique program includes a weekly field trip or expert workshop. Past favorites include the International Spy Museum, Ocean Dunes Waterpark, culinary workshops with Tiny Chefs and acting workshops with Round House Theater. Campers consider these experiences to be the highlight of the week!

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Week 2 (June 19 – June 23) Good Availability $550 Headfirst Time Machine
Week 3 (June 26 – June 30) Sold Out $550 Where is the World is Headfirst Summer Camps?
Week 4 (July 3 – July 7) Sold Out $440 National Park Navigators
Week 5 (July 10 – July 14) Sold Out $550 Medieval Mayhem
Week 6 (July 17 – July 21) Sold Out $550 Party Planners
Week 7 (July 24 – July 28) Limited Availability $550 Museum Curators
Week 8 (July 31 – August 4) Limited Availability $550 Showstoppers
Week 9 (August 7 – August 11) Limited Availability $550 Earth Changes & Natural Disasters


This camp includes Water Play! Water Play is a fun way for campers to cool off in the middle of the day. The water play activity will vary throughout the week, but will always be a fun and active way for campers to cool down from the summer heat.


Weekly Themes

Medieval Mayhem

Get ready to travel through Merlin’s magical portal back to medieval times, where you’ll be tasked with helping King Arthur in his quest against the evil Prince Mordred. You and the Innovators team will explore the food, weaponry and culture of the period as you cross moats, build catapults, engineer lyres and learn the aerodynamics of jousting. Will you learn enough to defend Camelot and launch a successful attack on Prince Mordred’s castle? Find out during this enchanting week!


You’ll tackle the role of a lifetime this week—putting on your own Broadway-worthy show! You and the Innovators team will take on the roles of actors, directors, conductors and crew members to stage your performance. You’ll study production elements of acclaimed musicals Wicked, Hamilton, Phantom of the Opera and The Lion King, as well as practice opening numbers, monologues and grand finales. There’s no business like show business, so join us and get ready for a standing ovation!

Headfirst Time Machine

It’ll be a race through the decades when campers receive a desperate call from a chronthropologist whose malfunctioning time machine has stranded him somewhere back in time. You and the team must piece together clues as you research and test-drive the music, games, clothing and historical events of the past few decades to figure out where he’s landed. Can you save the lost time traveler and send him back to the future before it’s too late?

Museum Curators

Experience the art of museum curating and the importance of layout and storytelling as you tackle an artistic challenge this week. You’ll be tasked with putting together an exhibit of camper-created art, as well as crafting your own masterpieces using paint, clay, fabric and more. You and the Innovators team will stage your show and take on the role of docents as you share and tour your one-of-a-kind pop-up museum. Don’t miss this art-stravaganza!

National Park Navigators

Calling all conservationists! Join us as we help Nathan the Navigator earn his final navigation badges and become a certified Park Ranger. You’ll explore many different landscapes, from the Grand Canyon to Saguaro National Park to the Great Smoky Mountains. As you create terrariums, engineer cornmeal canyons, and play forest food chain games, you’ll learn everything you need to help Nathan earn his badges and become a steward for these beloved ecosystems. After this week, you’ll be ready to be a ranger!

Party Planners

Put your party-planning knowledge and skills to the test when you and the Innovators team are asked to plan a huge summer bash for an A-list crew of celebrities. You’ll investigate and sample festivities around the world for fresh ideas, then get to work planning your own camp-worthy celebration. From creating decorations and favors to brainstorming original games and developing a thematic design, you’ll grow your creativity, management and hospitality skills. RSVP yes to this unforgettable event!

Earth Changes & Natural Disasters

Tsunamis, volcanoes and blizzards – oh my! You’ll be chasing wild weather while protecting the planet this week as the Innovators work together to save those in danger of extreme elements. In order to help, you’ll need to recreate plate tectonics, experiment with erosion, and learn how to weather-proof homes and prevent wildfires all while dabbling in meteorology, geology and, of course, creativity. Calling all Earth lovers and storm chasers, this one’s for you!

Where in the World is Headfirst Summer Camps?

During this jet-setting week of adventure and espionage, you’ll chase an international supervillain across the continents. You’ll be solving puzzles, sampling global games, and creating masterpieces based on international landmarks as you and the rest of the Innovators team work together to save the world’s most precious artifacts and treasures. From engineering a model of the Sydney Harbor Bridge to competing in a Great Pyramid race, you’ll need to rely on both your grit and your geography this week!

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