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  • 60 minute sessions, Monday - Friday (various time slots)


  • Rising 2nd Graders
  • Rising 3rd Graders
  • Rising 4th Graders
  • Rising 5th Graders


  • 10:1

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AT HOME – Innovators, Inc. & Elevated


What do you get when you mix creativity, analysis, and STEAM? Our Innovators, Inc. & Innovators Elevated online camps for rising 2nd – 5th graders! If your camper would like to design their own underwater world, build a musical instrument or embark on a virtual safari, we’ve got the camp for you. Through our narrative-based approach, each week, our campers are tasked with a unique theme-based challenge, in which they must learn as much as they can about the week’s topic and collaborate to find a solution. All challenges combine elements of STEM and creative arts, with a healthy dose of teamwork and a whole lot of fun, all from the comfort of home!

Online Camp Highlights:

  • When you enroll in a week of online camp, you secure the same 1-hour session time everyday
  • We never repeat the same curriculum or theme, so your camper can enroll in multiple weeks and still be able to discover new activities and learnings
  • Group ratio – 10:1
  • Campers will have the same counselor all week, which means more quality time with a caring adult
  • Campers will be grouped with the same kids all week, creating opportunities to bond with new friends
  • Campers can request one buddy; please reach out to our Customer Care team for more details

Enrichment Project: Each week of Headfirst AT HOME online camps for rising 2nd – 5th graders also comes with optional daily Enrichment Projects! These projects provide an opportunity for campers to expand on the new skills they acquired during their daytime session and do some independent learning, discovery, and exploration. These projects are not mandatory, rather they are designed to give your campers extra time to keep busy and stay active.

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AT HOME (May 25 – May 29) Good Availability $130 Home Chefs (12:45PM or 2PM)
AT HOME (June 1 - June 5) Good Availability $130 STEMgineers (12:45 PM or 2PM)
AT HOME (June 8 - June 12) Good Availability $130 Habitat Safari (10:15AM, 11:30AM, 12:45PM or 2PM)
AT HOME (June 15 - June 19) Good Availability $130 Mindful Music and Movement (10:15AM, 11:30AM, 12:45PM, or 2PM)
AT HOME (June 22 - June 26) Good Availability $130 Classic Camp (9AM, 10:15AM, 11:30AM, 12:45PM, 2PM, or 3:15PM)
AT HOME (June 29 - July 2) Good Availability $115 Color Creations (9AM, 10:15AM, 11:30AM, 12:45PM, 2PM, or 3:15PM)

Weekly Themes

Home Chefs

If you ever wanted to star in your own cooking show or baking competition, this is the week for you!  We combine culinary crafts with gastronomic experiments in a week that proves all ages can have confidence in the kitchen! From parfaits to trail mix to DIY bento boxes – these recipes are kid-tested, kid-approved.


Innovators will become true STEMgineers as they problem-solve their way through various engineering challenges and put their creations to the test. Campers will refine critical thinking, creative problem solving, and troubleshooting skills as they tackle hands-on, experimental activities.

Habitat Safari

Join us on an adventure around the world as we explore a different habitat every day! We’ll swoop into the rainforest to engineer bird beaks, jump into wetlands to discover why ducks are waterproof, dive into the ocean to create our own colorful coral, and much more! Let’s get packing, because we have a roaring fun time prepared for our week on Habitat Safari.

Mindful Music and Movement

Move beyond meditating! Practicing mindfulness means training our body to be aware of what we see, hear, feel, smell, and taste! We can explore these super senses using music and movement to calm and energize our bodies. Join Headfirst AT HOME online camps as we train our senses by building musical instruments, creating stress tools, and igniting colorful explosions!

Classic Camp

Join us around the campfire as we use teamwork to recreate classic camp funtivities! We’ll weave together handmade dreamcatchers, engineer our own tents, light up camp with paper lanterns, and much s’more! We’ll save you a seat around the campfire for a fun-filled week of Classic Camp.

Color Creations

The Innovators shine bright this week in our exploration of radical rainbows, optical illusions, and mosaic masterpieces. We’ll explore the spectrum of colors and designs through science and art – creating polymer playdough, Q-tip pointillism, and rainbow rain. This hands-on week will illuminate imagination and inspire the next Newton!

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